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How Our Junk Removal Process Works

We make the junk removal process as easy as possible for you!

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Call us at 253-677-8065 or fill out the request form to schedule a free in person quote.

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We Call When We’re On Our Way

We will give you a heads-up call to let you know our ETA. We will arrive on time to start the process.

We Arrive Ready To Remove Your Junk

Tell us what you would like to have removed. When we come to an agreement on price we will be able to start removing your item(s) right then and there.

If You Want It Gone...It's Gone.

We’ll remove your stuff! no matter where it is located (e.g. attic, basement, or backyard). Providing it is safe to do so.

We Will Leave Your Place in Great Shape!

We will check to make sure that we got everything loaded. We will sweep up the area once we're finished.

Settling Up Is Easy!

We'll settle up on the's that easy!
Credit Cards & Debit Cards accepted.

We do what your local trash removal service company can't do, the heavy lifting and loading. Whether it's a couch in the living room, a refrigerator in the kitchen, or a hot tub on the patio we remove it for you. We offer same or next day appointments available or schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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How does our junk removal pricing work?

Since every job is different, Junk removal pricing is determined on the amount of space your items take up in our truck and the labor to get it there.

Disposal/Recycle fees are included. Large appliances, (such as refrigerators), old televisions, mattresses and heavy items such as concrete, dirt, and building materials may incur additional charges.

We are happy to schedule a free, in-person estimate and answer any questions you may have.
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...Or Call/Text Us At - 253-677-8065